Current Favorite Makeup Products

I am excited to share my current favorite makeup products with you guys! Ever since I started high school, I have been interested in makeup and beauty products and trying out new things because I find it fun and exciting. On the average day, I do not wear makeup because I like to let my skin breathe and not put a lot of products on my face. I also don’t have time before class to put makeup on. When I do wear makeup, it is for anything professional or if I want to dress up and go out with my friends. Some days I have more time and I will put a little makeup on. Below, I am going to show you some of my current favorite makeup essentials for when I just put a little bit of makeup on and nothing too extreme.

A Perfect Everyday Mascara

This mascara is perfect for everyday use. It lasts a long time and makes your lashes look super long and full. It only comes in black but it makes you look like you are wearing fake lashes. I usually buy mine at Sephora or Ulta in the store but you can also order it online at Sephora or Ulta. It applies smoothly and does not leave your eyelashes feeling clunky and heavy. I also love the clean, simple packaging. Since it is very popular, it would be a great gift for any family member or friend who enjoys wearing a light feeling mascara.

A perfect everyday foundation alternative

This BB cream is perfect for everyday wear. It has SPF and 2% salicylic acid to help prevent blemishes. It comes in every shade imaginable so it can work for everyone. It isn’t too heavy so it feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup. Even though it feels like you aren’t wearing makeup, it has awesome coverage. This can be found at any drugstore, like Walgreens, Target or CVS usually apply it either with a small, dense brush or with my fingers. Sometimes, I also like to mix it with my normal, heavier foundation to give me a little more coverage.